DW Rita 1C10

Welcome to D&W Angus

Our story begins in 1995, as a commercial cow-calf operation using Charolais and Gert bulls. The calves were raised and sold twice a year at the local livestock market. During this time, we started to see black hides bringing more, and decided it was time to make a change with our production. We ventured out to our first registered bull sale and bought two. We turned them out to the herd and were impressed with the quality and growth of the offspring they produced. This investment quickly showed that the potential to strengthened and advance our operation, was with Angus Cattle.

In 2000, we came across an opportunity to purchase 8 registered cow-calf pairs. With that purchase, was the beginning of D&W Farms. The foundation of D&W Farms, came from two people, my parents Donna and William. The D represents my mother, and the W represent my father. With the pursue of Angus cattle in mind, our operation started to grow and advance. As our Angus cattle numbers grew, so did my interest. This is when I found my calling, and the registered Angus business what I was meant to do.

Now that our Angus herd was establishing, we wanted to advance the quality and performance, my dad sent me to A.I school in Calhoun GA, taught by a now good friend of mine Allen Southern with ABS. With this knowledge in hand, we were on our way to improve the reproductive performance and genetic quality of our livestock. After attending this school, I was fascinated by mating and creating good females with EPD’s to build and sell and, the passion to advance our operations was underway. Now that A.I was in play, we started seeing our performance and EPD’s skyrocket. We sent our bulls to the UGA bull test sales and started marketing the females at some Georgia Angus Sales and while also consigning in a few of the local sales in our area.

In 2004, we made our first major donor purchase Ellis Miss Rita 2032. With that purchase we got aggressive with her, and it introduced us to one of the best people in this reproductive business, the late Dr. Clay Burnley. He started flushing our donors and transferring embryos into our recips. “Doc” turned into one of my good friends, and while he had a job to do, he would always take the time to teach me better breeding techniques and heat detections. He actually showed me how to put embryos in myself. It was an honor to call him a friend, and he is greatly missed.

Fast forward to 2014, our herd had doubled in numbers, and it was at this time that my mom and dad decided to step down from the Angus Farm and sold it to me. With this purchase, I knew the quality and direction that I wanted to take the farm in and turned it into an LLC. As owner of D&W Angus LLC, my goal was to amplify the breed by raising cattle with powerhouse genetics with proven pedigrees and to create a program that would produce top notch Angus for generations to come. In 2015, we had our first production sale and held one every year after. All our sales leading up to 2021 were ring sales, where we sold 50 plus lots. Now our program is selling lots exclusively online, twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. We are consigning to several sales across the country, and we send our bulls out west to be sold.

Who would have thought back in 1995 that D&W Angus would be where it is today. This farm was started and is still operated by family with love, passion, and dedication. In almost 30 years, D&W Angus has grown from a small family farm to a successful business. D&W Angus will continue its legacy in producing top Angus genetics for years to come.